Name: ROH World Heavyweight Championship

Current Champion: "The Assassin" DJM

Current no.1 Contender: (Vacant)

Previous Champions: Goldberg, Tre George, Eddie Thorn

 Name: All-Star Championship

 Current Champion: Tre George

 Current no.1 Contender: Chris Rabideau

 Previous Champions: "The Assassin" DJM, Tyson Regal, 'The Best' Cole
 Name: Hardcore Championship

 Current Champion: Shawn Michaels (3 weeks)

 Current no.1 Contender: (none)

 Previous Champions: The Best, Goldberg(2), Billy Fredericks, Aaron,                                           "The Assassin" DJM, CM Punk

*Defended weekly, either on FNI or a PPV. (Random Challenger)

Name: United States Championship

Current Champion: Eddie Thorn

Current no.1 Contender: 'The Best' Cole

Previous Champions: The Best, Roman Reigns

Name: Undisputed ROH Tag Team Championship(s)

Current Champion: Team Insanity

Current no.1 Contender: (Vacant)

Previous Champions: Team Insanity, The United Kingdom