Check out the chat at the bottom.

When you register for the website, put your username as your PSN.

Hello, (Don't forget to take a look at the match cards)

Welcome to the (soon to be) worlds best running and largest WWE gaming community. We also would like to say welcome if you are reading this for the first time.

(Official) Match Cards go up every friday.

Upon joining the league, you will be randomly drafted to either Friday Night Intensity or Friday Night Heat. Each week you will most likely have a fight. We have PPV's every 3 weeks, not everyone will be featured on the main card, some might be in the pre-show card.


Do not spam moves repeatedly on an opponent. This is highly irritating and ruins the match experience. Change up your moves, do chain grapples, running strikes, apron moves, etc. Do not spam just because you are in a losing situation. Spamming includes but is not limited to running moves , strong strikes , nonstop submissions , etc.Players caught using any cheats or any "glitch-able" player modification will be removed and banned permanently.

When a card goes up you have 3 days to complete your match.

Every match that is fought cannot and should not be scripted in any way.

Champions may not switch superstars while they hold the title.

YOU MUST REMAIN ACTIVE TO BE PART OF THIS FED, This means if you go 2 weeks without doing matches YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE ROSTER.

Why don't you look around the rest of the website, then make up your mind.